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Tinland Co Marker_Green circle-ish.png

Tinland Co.

Tinland Co. Tiny Pals is a teddy bear company started by a stay at home mom. The brief was simple, create a logo that includes a teddy bear, the company name, that has some color, that embodies the warm hug feeling you get from a teddy. 

Tekton Building LLC logo created by Sarah LaValley and Deborah Burch

Tekton building LLC

Tekton Building LLC is a domestic limited liability company, that specialized in residential construction and renovations. This logo was a collaboration between Deborah Burch and Sarah LaValley. The brief was to create a logo with a burgundy accent color that conveys the nature of their work.

Java Ginger is a coffee shop in the small village of Manchester Michigan. Deborah Burch and Sarah LaValley collaborated on the design of this logo. The brief was to create a logo that merged the owners love for her dog Ginger, while alluding to the dog friendly cafe she was planning on opening.  

Java Ginger

Java Ginger logo created by Sarah LaValley and Deborah Burch
Jami Tronovich business card designed by Sarah LaValley

Jami Tronovich

Jamie Tronovich is a young photographer/bartender that needed a business card to match her vibe. The photos used to accent the business card are her work. The lens-like front of the business card reflects the top of a wine bottle spout and the camera lens.

Saline Automotive logo created by Sarah LaValley and Deborah Burch

Saline Automotive

Saline Automotive is an auto mechanic shop in Saline, Michigan. This classic logo is a collaboration with Deborah Burch and Sarah LaValley. The logo was requested knowing it would be featured as the large format sign that will display across the front of the shop. It’s easy to read from the road, has high contrast colors and makes it easy to understand the services provided.

Sarah LaValley’s personal brand poster, with an illustration of a ukulele, song bird, mountain and water with “Product Designer, motivated to inspire others through a creative and positive attitude.” written at the bottom.
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